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Troop History

As a scout-lead program, our troops believe that anyone has the potential to be a scout, a leader, and contribute to our community. We work as a team to mold youth into citizens who will change our world using everything from their quick wit, kind characters, and intelligent minds to braving the outdoors, physical strength, and saving lives. Regardless of your personal goals in scouting, whether you want to reach Eagle or just want to have fun, our troop works hard to provide every scout opportunities to experience scouting at its best in our troop meetings, campouts, trail to first class, and summer camps.

Founded 55 years ago in 1968, Troop 606 has been an active scout troop for generations of scouts, with our first eagles leaving the nest in 1970, and still today, scouts are achieving the Eagle rank with, as of now, 215 eagles total. Guiding and supporting our scouts and community, 24 scoutmasters over generations have lead scouts into adventure, rank advancement, and the outdoors. In February 2019, Troop 606 became a joint boys and girls troop, welcoming girls into the scouting community. As of now, we have 22 number of girls in our troop and we take pride in the achievements and bravery of both our boys and girls troops.


~written by our fellow scout, Elizabeth Bank~ 

Our Mission

Fostering boys and girls to become active contributors in their community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Scout led programs that are enhanced by the leadership of our scout leaders.

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